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Forever Suntanz has a range of services to help you look your best all year round.



We offer both lie-down sunbeds and vertical tanning capsules each in their own private room to ensure your comfort and privacy.

Forever Suntanz takes safe tanning seriously and you will find all your tanning needs provided to the highest standard.


Spray Tans

Spray tanning is a great way to get an instant tan, perfect for a special occasion.

The tanning products we use are of the B.Gorgeous range. All B.Gorgeous tanning liquids contain 100% Certified Organic ingredients that work harmoniously together to deliver the best spray tan possible.


Teeth Whitening

At Forever Suntanz we can also help you achieve a brighter, whiter smile. Using SparkleWhite technology, one of our trained technicians can make your teeth 2-8 shades lighter in just 60 minutes.

One of the first things that people notice when they meet someone is the look of their smile. Create a positive attitude for yourself and improve your appearance while achieving a more youthful look with your new radiant smile.